IELTS Speaking

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is accepted by more than 9,000 universities, government bodies and professional organisations as proof of language ability. There are four papers:… [more]

IELTS Speaking IELTS Speaking

How To: Describe Events

Expressing ones opinion is a crucial part of IELTS Speaking. Here are some alternative vocabulary and phrases to spice up your descriptions. Exciting It was a real adrenaline rush! It was out of… [more]

How To: Describe Events How To: Describe Events

VIP IELTS Training

Online and face-to-face VIP IELTS Speaking Training packages. Find the right package for you; flexible hours which meet your needs at any level. Online tutoring now available on WeChat… [more]

VIP IELTS Training VIP IELTS Training

IELTS Speaking Topics, April 2016

The following list comprises of the latest IELTS topics for this current cycle. Each new exam cycle retains approximately 70% of the content from the prior exam cycle, while 30% will comprise of new topics. Part… [more]

IELTS Speaking Topics, April 2016 IELTS Speaking Topics, April 2016

IELTS Speaking: Assessment Criteria

The IELTS Speaking test is designed to assess a wide range of language and communication skills. Certified British Council examiners will be gauging the candidates ability to: Communicate opinions… [more]

IELTS Speaking: Assessment Criteria IELTS Speaking: Assessment Criteria

China IELTS Fee Increase

From 1st September 2016, the IELTS registration fee will be increased to 1960RMB. For UK visas and immigration IELTS (£200 each) and the IELTS life skills test (£150), the fee will remain unchanged.


自2016年9月1日(含当日)起,凡报名2016年11月1日之后举行的雅思考试,其报名费调整为人民币1960元。用于英国签证及移民的雅思考试 (IELTS for UKVI) 和雅思生活技能类考试 (IELTS Life Skills)的报名费维持不变;现行转考、退考手续费,以及此日期之前的考试相关费用维持不变。

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