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IELTS Speaking Topics, January 2016

The following list comprises of the latest IELTS topics for this current cycle. Each new exam cycle retains approximately 70% of the content from the prior exam cycle, while 30% will comprise of new topics.

Part 1 IELTS Speaking Topics

Topic 1
1. Hometown 家乡
2. Name 名字
3. Accommodation 家
4. Work/study 工作/学习

Topic 2 & 3
1. Cycling 自行车
2. Photography 照片
3. Parks 公园
4. History 历史
5. Snacks 零食
6. Primary school 小学
7. Mobile phones 手机
8. Public transport 公共交通
9. Memory 记忆
10. Teachers 老师
11. Dancing 舞蹈
12. Countryside 乡村
13. Social networks 社交网络
14. Public holidays 假期
15. Teamwork 团队合作
16. Books 书籍
17. Computers 电脑
18. Toys 玩具
19. Staying up 熬夜
20. Outdoor activities 户外活动
21. Handcrafts 手工
22. Leisure time 休闲时间
23. Future plans 未来计划

Part 2 IELTS Speaking Topics

People 人物类

1. A person whose job is useful to society 一个从事有益于社会工作的人
2. A person who likes travelling by plane 喜欢乘飞机旅游的人
3. A family member who spent the most time with you 跟你待时间最长的家人
4. An old person you admire 你钦佩的老人
5. A person who has apologized to you 一个向你道歉过的人

Places 地点建筑类

1. A house or apartment that you would like to live in 你想住的房子
2. A country that you have never been to but you want to go to 一个没去过但想去的国家
3. A street that you know 你熟知的一条街
4. A place you have visited that has been affected by pollution 一个被污染的地方

Objects 物品类

1. Something you borrowed that was useful 你借过的有用的东西
2. A product you bought which made you feel happy 你买的一种产品让你感到快乐
3. A photograph of yourself 一张自己的照片
4. An item of clothing that someone gave you 有人给了你一件衣服

Events 事件经历类

1. A time that you were looking at the sky 一次观看天空的经历
2. A traditional festival in your country 传统节日
3. Your plan if you have one-day holiday 如果有一天的假期你会做什么
4. A long walk you enjoyed 远足的经历
5. An important conversation you had 一次重要的谈话
6. A happy event that you had recently (or in your childhood) 愉快的经历
7. An article you read in a magazine or on the internet about leading a healthy life 从杂志或网站上看到的关于健康的文章
8. A long journey you made by car 一次长途汽车旅行
9. An occasion when someone or something made a lot of noise 遇到噪音的情景
10. A decision you took a long time to make 你花了很长的时间来做决定
11. A job you want to do in the future 未来理想工作
12. An occasion when the weather forced you to change your plan 一次因天气改变计划的经历

Media 媒体娱乐类

1. A film you enjoyed and would like to see again 喜欢的电影
2. A funny story in a TV program 电视节目中有趣的故事
3. A special song 特殊的歌曲

Animals 动物类

1. An animal that you think is interesting 有趣的动物